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Part of the new contract, if you would like to be eligible for the bonuses, is to perform some type of Service to the Community. Below is the actual language from the contract. At the bottom of the page are links to opportunities that you can be involved in to fulfill this requirement, provided to us by Michele Featherston, Student Activities Department Secretary.

A. Service to the College
Service to the College and participation in shared governance is an important component of the professional responsibilities of a College employee and Association member. All are encouraged to attend College-wide events, attend or serve on College committees, attend or participate in College meetings.

B. Service to the Community
Service to the Community is also an important component of the overall responsibilities of an employee and Association member. In order to encourage and ensure service is completed on an annual basis, one (1) paid day (up to eight (8) hours maximum) will be provided to perform volunteer work in the community according to jointly determined guidelines.

All Association members are encouraged to demonstrate a commitment to community service by one of the following means:

1. Community service within the HFCC District (Dearborn and Dearborn Heights).

2. Community service provided to nonpartisan, nonsectarian, nonprofit community organizations.

3. Community service provided through religious organization of HFCC Student organizations with a religious focus to recipients provided it is not proselytizing in nature.

4. Community service opportunities provided by the College and/or HFCC Student Organizations taking place off campus.

5. Contributions to community organizations in the form of funds, pledges, or attending an event do not qualify as community service. Working at a fundraising event of a qualifying organization would apply.

Please contact the Student Activities Office for a list of suggested service opportunities.

Community Health Organizations

Community Interest

Community Organizations

Community Service Clubs

Environmental Organizations

Help Needed

Henry Ford Community College Office of Student Activities

Social Service Organizations

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