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2018 Executive Board Contact Information:
If you ever have a need to contact us, for labor issues, for union questions, or just to get our insight into a situation, please feel free to email us.

General Support Staff Association email:

President:  Kimberly Kaier
Phone: 845-6339
Cell: 734-767-4414

Executive Vice President:  Katrina Minnis
Phone: 845-1425

Secretary:  Zach Polzin:
Phone: 317-4016

Treasurer:  Annette Klauke:
Phone: 845-9862

Vice President Facilities:  Kevin Luchonok
Phone: 845-6320

Vice President Student Services:  Kierra Wilson
Phone: 845-1418

Vice President Clerical/Café:  Marie Wojewuczki
Phone: 845-9781

Vice President Technology:  Patti Sekulidis
Phone: 845-6352

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