New Executive Board and Elections

As of 1/1/21, the new board has started transitioning into their positions! When you have a moment to breathe, don’t forget to send your farewells and kudos to our outgoing board members. Please thank them for their service to all of us if you haven’t done so already:

Kimberly (Kim) Kaier- Former President
Katrina Minnis- Former Executive Vice President
Patricia (Patti) Sekulidis- Former Area Vice President of Technology
Marie Wojewuczki- Former Area Vice President of Clerical and Café

Next, we want to welcome the new board members with open arms and warm congratulations:

Kierra Wilson – Former Area Vice President for Student Services and newly elected Vice President
Joni Morris- Former and current Treasurer
Angela Kotsoyianis- 3-year Steward
Jill Sestok- 2- year Steward
Samuel Williams- 2- Year Steward

Last, note that we still have 2 open positions on the board that will need to be filled at the next General Membership meeting: Secretary and 3-year Steward. Please consider running for these positions as we need a full team to conduct union business effectively.

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