Letter of Agreement Updates for Personal Leaves and Training Bonus

 HFC-SSA LOA – Article 16 B6 – Unpaid Personal Leaves –
General Purpose or Personal Leave – December 11 2020

HFC-SSA agreed to a Letter of Agreement (LOA) which moves the bonus tied to completing training from December to June. This decision occurred because we had several members that would be paid in December but not complete the training by March 31st of the following year. This would result in the members owing the money back that they received the past December. To avoid this unfortunate situation, we will receive the bonus connected to completing 12 training hours on the last paycheck in June. This will give the employee and the College time to ensure that all training has been completed by March 31st. The link above is to the signed LOA.

HFC-SSA LOA – Training Incentive – December 11 2020

This Letter of Agreement, link above, is for personal leave of absence (Article 16).

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