Contract Negotiation Committee Survey #1

SSA Members,

It is important to both the Negotiation Committee and the Executive Board that we gather contract input from the membership in a holistic and inclusive way.  We will be sending out one survey per month consisting of 6-7 articles of the contract.  Please carefully read these articles and make any specific recommendations for improvements (e.g. specific wording, locations, etc.)  As this is a series of four surveys, one per month, it is important that you wait until the proper survey is sent to comment on a specific article.       

Note: The purpose of the Negotiation Committee is not to actually negotiate, but to gather and compile input from the membership for the Executive Board Members that will begin negotiations in January 2020.  Your input is highly valued so that all parts of the membership have had the opportunity to give feedback and be represented as best as possible at that time.

Please complete survey #1 by following the link below.  The due date is January 31st at which time survey #2 will be sent out.

Zac Polzin

SSA Secretary

Negotiation Committee (Changing in February)  Kevin Luchonok, Zac Polzin, Leslie Windless, Joni Morris, and Jill Sestok. 

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