Letter to Santa



The SSA Social Committee will be sending letters from Santa Claus to your child(ren) for a small fee of $2 per child. The proceeds from this initiative will help to support our Social Committee’s “Holiday Hand Up” program.

Here’s what comes inside the letter:

  1. A letter from Santa. The letter will also be postmarked from the North Pole and addressed to your child.
  2. A Map of Santa’s journey from the North Pole all the way to our State.
  3. A “Good Boys and Girls List”… with your child’s name on the Good Boys/Girls side of the list in bold/highlight.

Orders will be accepted from 12/07/18 to 12/17/18 so that all orders are delivered before the holiday.
**NOTE** If your child(ren) is participating in the Holiday Gift Shop then do NOT purchase one of these as it will be done automatically.

Order online at: Letter From Santa

Order In-Person at the Welcome Center from one of the following SSA Social Committee members

Anna Kiluk: EXT 1734 -OR-
Angela Kotsoyianis: EXT 6404 -OR-
Joyce Stukel: EXT 1735 -OR-
Leslie Windless: EXT 6446

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