Slate of Candidates for SSA Executive Board
Vote on Friday, November 17, 2017

Please see the information below regarding the upcoming SSA elections.  Voting will take place on Friday, November 17, 2017 from 6:00 a.m. to 5 p.m.  Voting is taking place in the ASCC Building (Bldg. L) East Galley Hallway outside of the Hawk’s Nest.  Please remember to vote and bring your ID with you.





Valerie Kingins

Annette Klauke

Joni Morris



FACILITIES VP: Kevin Luchonok


TECHNICAL VP: Patti Sekulidis

Submitted Bios are below in alpha order


Interim President of HFCC-SSA

Vice President – Clerical

Current Service – Coordinating Council, Staff Council, Professional Development Committee, Election Committee, Constitutional Committee, Guided Pathway CPI Team, Negotiations Committee, Reclassification Committee, Community Service Committee.

My career began here at HFC in March of 1998, through the years I have worked in several different offices both at Henry Ford College (16 years) and in the Dearborn Public Schools (3 years). I have an Associate Degree in Liberal Arts and I am currently working towards a Bachelor Degree in Business Psychology at Wayne State University.  I passionately believe that a strong union is the foundation of HFC. If elected, I will work to be the voice of all members of HFCC-SSA supporting the right of all employees to engage in collective bargaining.  I believe in solidarity, the strength of our union, and the strength of our members when we work together collectively.


My name is Valerie Kingins and I would like to run for the SSA position of Treasurer.  My Henry Ford journey began in 1989 as a student. In 1993, I was a bus driver until 1995, when I became a custodian in the Dearborn K-12 school system.  In 1997, I came to Henry Ford Community College as a custodian.  I have extensive knowledge of the campus and have worked in and gotten to know faculty, staff, and students in almost every single building.

I care about the campus, I care about the SSA, and I will take the job as Treasurer as serious as I have taken all of my other responsibilities.  With my historical knowledge of the college, the relationships I have built with time, and the customer service skills I have gained over the past 24 years, I would like to represent the SSA as Treasurer and give back to the union, which has always supported myself and my coworkers.

Thank you for reading my biography and your consideration in this matter.


My name is Annette Klauke and I am running for the position of SSA Treasurer.  I am currently in that position and would like to have the opportunity to continue.

I am the Department Secretary for Campus Safety, holding that position for almost 8 years.  Prior to my arrival at HFC I worked at Dearborn Public Schools serving as Bookkeeper/Accountant at Dearborn High School for over 18 years.  I serve as a member of several committees on campus, those included: Staff Council, SSA Sick Bank, SSA Elections, and SSA Professional Development.

While being Treasurer I have updated the membership records and streamlined processes. I know and  use QuickBooks to manage all of the SSA financial records.  It has been a learning experience, which has been rewarding as I have gained a lot of insight of how the SSA operates.  I fight for and will continue to fight for each member, no matter what classification they are.  It has been my pleasure being part of this organization and the prior unit (DFSE) for over 30 years.  I look forward to continue working again for all of you.


My name is Kevin Luchonok and I am running for Facilities VP of the HFC-SSA. I have been a member of Facilities since 2008, when I was on the midnight crew as a custodian (facilities associate). In 2014, I became a Building Operator, which has given me an interesting perspective on how the whole department runs. For the past three years, I have been the Facilities VP, serving on several committees. It has been an honor to represent Facilities on the SSA executive board, and I would be honored to continue to serve for another term.


Enrollment Associate lll

I have work at the college since 1999, I am proud graduate of HFC, and I am pursuing my bachelor degree from Eastern Michigan University.  I currently serve as the Executive Vice President representing the Welcome Center, I am serving as Chair of Operations Council, and I have I served on two Continuous Process Improvement (CPI) teams. Prior to my hiring at the college, I worked as both a college work-study student and a substitute secretary, so I know the benefit of humble beginnings.

I am a hardworking, dedicated, responsible, team player who is not afraid to do things I have never done before.  I am both willing and able to serve to secure what is best for the membership, and was part of the negotiation team responsible of our current contract.  I am innovative, and I value fairness.   I have the need to get explanations and answers, so I’m not afraid to ask tough questions when I need to.

I am running for Executive Vice President in an effort to continue the work that I have started, in keeping the membership, at large, as a valued benefit to HFC and to defend our contract.  It is an honor to represent the SSA membership and I will continue to be, if elected, a representative for our best interests and a voice for your concerns.


Hello! My name is Joni Morris and I’m running for the Treasurer position of HFC-SSA. The treasurer’s main responsibilities include collecting dues, keeping accurate records, preparing financial reports, and preparing state & federal tax returns. These tasks require several skills, of which I will highlight below to elucidate why I am the best candidate for the job.

First, is my dedication to Henry Ford College. I began my career here a little over thirteen years ago and still excel in my position as a Financial Aid Associate. I’m always striving to enhance my knowledge, so that I can better assist our students and staff. I served on the Operations Council (including the role of Vice Chair) and am currently a member of the Welcome Center Social Committee. The second attribute important to the role of a treasurer is knowledge of accounting. QuickBooks is the accounting system HFC-SSA uses and I have taken a class here to learn it. I also have three years of recent experience using QuickBooks as it is the same accounting system used to run my business. Additionally, I have twenty-six years of tax preparation experience. The final element that makes me the best candidate for the Treasurer position is that I have an orderly-minded and methodical way of thinking, which enables me to accurately monitor large sums of money and budgets.


My name is Zac Polzin and I would like to serve as the Secretary for the Support Staff Association.  I currently serve on the SSA Constitutional Committee, which has given me great insight into the inner workings of our union and the importance of our leadership, records, and communication within the union.  One of my major goals is preserving and defending the strong foundation laid down before us. The Secretary’s main job is record keeping and communicating information to the membership, something I do not take lightly.

My education includes a Bachelor Degree from Defiance College in Math and Molecular Biology, and a Biotechnology Certificate from HFC.  Mid-certificate I was fortunate enough to accept a Biology Lab Associate position and have been in that positon for the past four years. For the past three years, I have also assisted Dr. Mary Parekunnel as a co-advisor for the Student Environmental Association. The SEA is a student club that promotes sustainability and environmental practices on campus and within the community.  I enjoy working with students, faculty and staff to make an impact via this organization. My job at the College and my volunteer work with the students requires accurate record keeping similar to the SSA position of Secretary.

The Support Staff Association built a solid foundation with strong leadership.  I would like to be part of the leadership that continues that momentum in the future.

The skills I have gained through my employment and volunteer work at HFC has prepared me to represent the membership to its fullest.  It has been a pleasure working and getting to know many of you over the past four years and I thank you for that as well as your time and consideration as a nominee for the SSA Secretary position.


Patti Sekulidis, Graphic Designer, Marketing and Communications

I would like to serve the HFC Support Staff Association as the VP of Technology. For the past eleven years, I have been a Graphic Designer in the Graphics Center.

Service to the College – Employee Recognition & Engagement Committee, HFC Staff Council, HFC-SSA Negotiations Committee, HFC-SSA Scholarship Committee, HFC-SSA Community Service Committee, HFC-SSA web master for, organizer for the annual flower planting on campus, Women’s Recognition Luncheon planning committee member and served on two Continuous Process Improvement (CPI) teams – Marketing and Shared Leadership.

I am seeking this position because I am committed to being an active and involved member of the HFC-SSA.  Thank you for your consideration.


Kierra K. Wilson, Enrollment Associate III

I am pleased to have graduated from Henry Ford College with degrees in business and in Liberal Arts. During the pursuit of my education with the college, I was given the opportunity to work in the Welcome Center as a student worker. During that time, I was eager to learn and I enjoyed helping students and assisting staff. In doing so, I became very passionate about providing quality service to students here at Henry Ford College. Therefore, I proceeded to begin a career here as an Enrollment Associate III in 2013. Each day I interact with students personally and work hard to address and meet their needs

Currently, I am pursuing a Bachelor Degree with our partner, Siena Heights University from which I will graduate this Fall and begin the MBA program in the upcoming Winter. I am serving on the Operations Council as a representative of the Welcome Center. In addition, I serve on the Scholarship Committee, and in an effort to remain close to our student body, I am a participant and volunteer for our International Cultural Friendship Program.

I assure you that I am very diligent in providing quality service to all of our students. I am dedicated to the college and am more than willing to work with others to accomplish necessary goals for our students. Furthermore, I am also willing to endure constructive conflict in order to be effective in exposing real issues and developing real resolutions.

I am running for the Vice President of Student Services in order to help fulfill the mission of the college, which states, “Our success is measured by the success of our students”.


Service to the college- Staff Council, Guided Pathways Steering Committee, Grievance committee, Constitution Committee, Community Service Committee, Professional Development Committee, CPI Employee Portal Team, VP Clerical for SSA.

I have worked in Dearborn Public Schools and Henry Ford College for 24 years.  I am also a proud graduate of HFC with an Associate’s degree in business.

I started my career in Dearborn Public Schools where I worked for 17 years. I started in Food Service and after four years promoted to Secretary III at Edsel Ford High School.  Five years later, I promoted to Secretary IV, office manager and secretary to the principal at Edsel Ford.  After eight years, I transferred over to the college in August of 2010. I started as a Division secretary in Health Careers. During the academic reorganization of 2013, I was hired in the Communication Division as the Assistant to the Associate Dean, and very recently I have applied and been accepted as the Assistant to the Dean of the School of Liberal Arts. I have always enjoyed my job, the students, and the colleagues that I have met along the way.  It has been my pleasure to work the last few months as VP for clerical staff for the SSA, and I hope to continue to do so for the next three years.

Please vote and support your SSA Association.  The term of office for these positions is January 1, 2018 thru December 31, 2020.

SSA Elections Committee

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